What we do

The objective of Ketchum/JCM is to help its client to create, strengthen and protect its image. Ketchum/JCM seeks, with the best and most appropriate expertise, to create communication strategies capable of spreading the main key messages of the company to all its audiences – media, trendsetters, employees, clients, partners, governments and the general public.

Your company will find in Ketchum/JCM an extension of your own business, with the capacity of adapting to your company’s needs, creating unique solutions to optimize your communication.


Image Management and Communication Planning
Prepared to survey the relationship between the client and its target audience and stakeholders, Ketchum/JCM Communication and Public Policies plans communication strategies capable of optimizing the presence of its clients in actions for relations with the press, public relations programs, production of disclosure materials and in monitoring and strategies within the digital environment of social networks.
Besides this, it also deals with the client’s presentation at trade fairs, seminars and other events aimed at diffusing its image.
Internal Communication
Internal websites, Intranet, leaflets, printed or virtual publications, digital boards, motivation campaigns for obtaining results are the tools that gather all employees around the goals established by the Mission and Values of the company.
Ketchum/JCM is specialized in planning, creating and managing Internal Communication programs that motivate and turn the company’s staff into a great trendsetter to the external public.


Public Politics
Relations with the community, social responsibility programs, corporate citizenship are ways of highlighting the companies’ qualities and their importance to society, strengthening the bonds between their services and products and the market and citizens in general, creating a strong brand.
Besides this, these programs motivate the employees of the company, creating a healthy work atmosphere and reinforcing positive values in the whole organization.
We are experienced in creating and implementing public policy programs capable of generating long-lasting results with impact on the branding of companies.


Crisis Management
Administering communication in a crisis may define the loss caused to the reputation of a company during an unexpected event. A well-crafted relationship with the traditional media and the new digital media, as well as the correct use of the company’s websites and social networks, may reduce or eliminate the losses that a crisis may bring.
Information planning, preparation of answers, preparation of spokespersons capable of clearly transmitting the key messages of the company, mediation of social media and relationship with the press must work in harmony to create an efficient and satisfactory response to stakeholders and public opinion.
Ketchum/JCM Communication is experienced in crisis management, being able to act quickly and efficiently in protecting its clients’ brands.
Government Relationships
Understanding the political environment in which the company operates is essential for defining how to act. Knowing who are the Government and Legislative leaders with influence on the company’s area of operation is determinant for foreseeing modifications in laws and regulations affecting the company’s operating mode.
Ketchum/JCM is ready to assist its clients in their government relationships, bringing information about trends, bills of law and making sure that its client’s vision is known by the main leaderships.


Production of Institutional Videos and Training
Quality videos are a powerful tool to illustrate the benefits of services and products of your company. They are also indispensable when training teams for performing specific tasks.
Ketchum/JCM has a team specialized in producing videos and clips to make your company more visible and your teams more prepared for performing their missions.