Image management and communication planning

The objective of JCM Communication and Public Policies is to help its client to create, strengthen and protect its image.  READ MORE >


What we do


Internal websites, Intranet, leaflets, printed or virtual publications, digital boards, motivation campaigns for obtaining results are the tools that gather all employees around the goals established by the Mission and Values of the company. READ MORE >

Public politics

Relations with the community, social responsibility programs, corporate citizenship are ways of highlighting the companies’ qualities and their importance to society, strengthening the bonds between their services and products and the market and citizens in general, creating a strong brand. READ MORE >


Administering communication in a crisis may define the loss caused to the reputation of a company during an unexpected event.

Production of
institutional videos
and training

Quality videos are a powerful tool to illustrate the benefits of services and products of your company. They are also indispensable when training teams for performing specific tasks. READ MORE >


Understanding the political environment in which the company operates is essential for defining how to act. READ MORE >